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International Conference on Disabilities Lagos 2015 Sponsorship

Due to the increasing worldwide recognition and interest in disabilities, IASSIDD (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities), in conjunction with Local Organising Partners will be organising a Three (3) day conference made up of workshops and an exhibition.


Why the conference in Nigeria?

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with an estimated population of 167 million people (National Population Commission, 2011). The country is ranked 156th in the Human Development Index putting it in the Low Human Development segment. Based on the World Report on Disability (2011), approximately 25 million Nigerians live with a disability with 3.6 million of them having very significant difficulties in functioning.

Regrettably, regardless of the high number of people with disabilities in Nigeria, very little support is allocated to the subject; persons with disabilities are often excluded from social, economic and political matters. The common perception of disability intervention is often in terms of charity and welfare. Consequently, this viewpoint is a significant factor that inhibits the social inclusion of people with disabilities in the country.

The conference will be the first of its kind by IASSIDD in Africa, focusing on Education, Health & Social welfare, as well as Labour & Employment concerns as they affect persons with disabilities. It will also build local capacity, create advocacy and awareness, whilst also deepening professionalism and empathy within our community.

We are diligently working on bringing the most knowledgeable researchers from all over the world as well as leaders in the industry to explore these important topics. 

 Your commitment to improving individual and communal lives through social investment projects is laudable and so we seek your sponsorship and support at this event.

 This is a good platform to showcase the work of local and international organisation and the various intervention schemes targeted at persons with disabilities (PwDs). This will be a wonderful opportunity for your organisation to have visibility before an audience who could benefit from your participation at this conference and beyond, as our overall goal is to set up a special vehicle to act as a conduit for community awareness and project funding.


Sponsorship Packages

Attached are options designed to assist you in finding the right level for your budget and your time.




Event Programme- Full Colour Advert
Logo Presence on stage before the event commences and all through the Gala Night Sponsor’s Brochure Desk at the Venue
Red Carpet Banner-Premium Logo Placement
Free Double Stall all through event days
TV Montage – Premium Credit
Platinum Sponsors Credit in Event Media Coverage
Video Credits
Credit in SMS Broadcast, Print media ads & all event publicity and PR

20 Million Naira

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10 Million Naira

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5 Million Naira

For more information please contact any of the following:

MRS. DELPHINE MISAN-ARENYEKA   + (234) 8023126022
ANI CHARLES BASSEY-EYO + (234) 8075774911
MRS. DOTUN AKANDE       + (234) 8033019865
ELDER ANGELINE BASSEY   + (234) 8051405301
DANLAMI BASHARU         + (234) 8023051705

Email: contactiabcng@gmail.com or conf@iabc-nigeria.com

What are the benefits?

The conference will serve as a platform to:

  • Provide a better understanding to members of the public on issues and programme relating to people with disabilities.
  • Proffer solutions in dealing with policy issues relating to disability.
  • Provide information on the services relating to training and those people working with disability.
  • Provide guidance and information on services to families, communities and persons working in the area of disability.



Please find below our bank details:

Account Name: International Conference on Disabilities
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Domiciliary a/c No: 209/758560/210
Bank: GT Bank

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