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Our Top Mission…

is improving access, building capacity & creating a better society for all


The International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is the first and only worldwide group dedicated to the scientific study of intellectual disability. Founded in 1964 as the International Association for the Scientific Study of Mental Deficiency, IASSIDD is an international, interdisciplinary and scientific non-governmental organisation that promotes worldwide research and exchange of information on intellectual disabilities. IASSIDD has official relations with the World Health Organisation.


The idea for this International Conference on Disabilities ‘June 2015, is to tackle the issues of disabilities.

Nigeria being a large country with about 169million people has about 25% of this populace falling under the disabilities cluster, but having a lot of issues that are generally overlooked and unattended to. Our society has yet to come to terms with the fact that there is ability in disability.

It is for this laudable cause that the IASSIDD (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) and local organizing partners are coming together to organise a 4-day conference that will be proffering policies, solutions, and services in the different areas of;


  • Provide a better understanding to members of the public on issues and programmes relating to people with special needs.
  • Proffer solutions in dealing with policy issues relating to special needs
  • Provide guidance on how to provide services to families, communities and persons with special needs particularly children.
  • Provide information on the services relating to training and those of personnel who work with persons with special needs.
  • Address the gaps relating to employment opportunities for persons with special needs.
  • Support the coordination of special needs interventions within the ECOWAS sub-region



 Academia, Medical and Educational Practitioners, Government, MDAs, NGOs & Civil society, Public and Private organisations, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders & Members, Families & Friends of Persons with Special Needs.

How we help


Education is continuum in the health and social development of human being. It is paramount that PWD is given across to quality education at all level for enrich life long learning.


Traditionally family and community care has played the most significant roles in meeting the needs of PWD. With globalization and changing demographic structure, there is now a greater need to create an hybrid and inclusive social model that fully involves the role of government and private sector in supplying the well being of PWD


The role of health care plays in the trajectory of the human life form pre-birth thorough to their adulthood refine a greater involvement by the government, private and the 3rd sector. This will bring about emergence of an inclusive and optimum healthcare model.


Recognizing the rich-pool of talent that are abound among the disability community, it essential that employers of labour be made to understand the need for full inclusion of PWD in the labour market.